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Siege Electric History and Overview

Siege Electric was incorporated in March, 2006 and is a Manufacturer's Representative for Kinney Electric. Siege Electric is focused exclusively on OEM's, Contractors and Industrials in the Alternative Energy and Emergency Power Markets, Back up Power and Generator Markets, Data Centers as well as other power equipment applications.

Prior to forming Siege Electric, the Principal was an employee of Square D/Schneider Electric for 20 years. Assignments included: Global Account Management, Strategic Account Management, Industry Marketing Manager and OEM Sales. Excellent responsiveness and customer service has always been the key to success in these positions.

Siege Electric capabilities include:

  • EDI capabilities for order management
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Custom Web Page Development including setting up a custom web page with a blind URL for posting drawings, manuals, and other critical information.

Kinney Electric Overview

Kinney Electric, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of switchboards, switchgear, panelboards and control panels. Kinney Electric has been in business since 1937 and the current owners have been operating the company since 1988. Kinney's market focus is almost exclusively OEM accounts (including Alternative Energy and Emergency Power), Government Installations and Data Centers. Kinney has 130,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space and almost 100 employees.

Here are the benefits of partnering with our companies and using our solution:

  • Extensive experience with complex applications and stringent requirements. Kinney Electric has provided the main incoming switchgear for the three most technologically advanced facilities in the world:
    • NASA Building 30, Houston, Texas
    • Langley Air Force Base, Building 23, Virginia
    • UPS Data Center, Atlanta, GA
  • Complete Engineering Staff. Kinney Electric, Inc. has a staff of 11 Mechanical Engineers and 5 Electrical Engineers and has full CAD capabilities. If any changes or improvements need to be made to the panels over their life cycle, Kinney will be able to design the changes in house for customer's approval.
  • Custom Designed Enclosure. Kinney will design and manufacture an enclosure that is specific to the customer's application. An off the shelf cabinet will not be used. This is preferable because it gives us control over the manufacture of the enclosure which will improve quality and lead times. Also, if a customer needs to make changes to the enclosure that is easily accomplished at our facility.
  • Large number of UL File Listings. Kinney Electric is not only UL listed for control panels (UL 508). They also have listings for UL 891 (switchboards), UL 1558 (ANSI Switchgear), UL 67 (Panelboards) Metal Enclosed and Metalclad Medium Voltage Switchgear and UL 50 (Electrical Enclosures). This is a great benefit because it allows for flexibility when designing your panels. If it is decided that bussing is preferable to cabling then a UL 891 listing would be required and that would be well within Kinney's capabilities. Also, Kinney would be able to provide transformers and medium voltage components that may come before the panels.
  • The owners of Siege Electric and Kinney Electric have over 42 years combined experience in the Electrical Equipment Industry. When the current owners of Kinney Electric purchased Kinney in 1988, there were six employees. Since that time, Kinney has grown to 100 employees and tens of millions in sales per year. Kinney grew to this size by focusing on OEM and large user business. The Principal of Siege Electric has worked for Square D for twenty years in OEM sales, Global Account Management and Marketing. Our goals, vision and mission has always been centered around providing the best possible service and responsiveness to our customers.

We believe that partnering with Siege Electric/Kinney Electric would be a great value in terms of pricing, customer service and quality. We look forward to working with you on this and other opportunities.