RC Networks (or Snubbers) are used to mitigate transients caused when close coupling medium voltage vacuum breakers with transformers. Snubbers consist of fuses, resistors and capacitors designed to remove the transients and protect the windings of the transformers.

RC Networks (Snubbers) can be designed into new applications or retrofitted into existing installations. Our design can be used with any manufacturer of medium voltage breakers and/or transformers.

There are two basic designs one for 5kv applications and one for 15 kv applications.

Our snubbers have been successfully installed in data center applications and they can be used in a wide variety of applications to reduce the harmful effects of transients and improve the life of transformers.

5 and 15 kv Open Style Snubber Assemblies include: 

Surge Capacitor

  • 0.25 microfarad, plus or minus 10%
  • 13.8 kilovolts
  • 95 kv BIL


  • Non-inductive ceramic construction
  • 12 inch long x 1 inch diameter approximate dimensions
  • 16.0 kilovolts
  • 20 - 30 ohms, plus or minus 10%
  • 750 watt dissipation rating minimum
  • Copper Caps


  • 6 ampere
  • 5 or 15.5 kilovolts
  • 50,000 ampere symmetric fault clearing
  • Damage sensor to indicate fuse failure
  • Hermetically sealed construction to prevent gaseous discharge during operation
  • Machined brass end caps
  • Blown fuse indicator Clip style fuse mountings for type NX fuses
  • 95 kv BIL minimum

Visual Monitoring:

Available upon request


Snubber Circuit

Snubber Circuit.